microsoft sharepoint 2013

ICloud24x7 Shared SharePoint services make collaboration easy with a flexible, customizable platform that enables document sharing, workflows, discussion forums, and more. Utilizing Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2013, it is a dynamic, powerful solution to empower teams to work together.



Sharepoint combines the traditional aspects of content management with powerful new features including, automated versioning, document life-cycle and permissions management, smart tagging and contextual searching.

Empower individuals in your organisation by allowing them to create their own dashboards from business intelligence relevant to them and their roles. Visually represent data, KPIs and analytics to make dashboards interactive and dynamic.



Using just one set of familiar tools, you can create and manage a variety of sites tailored to your business needs, including intranets, extranets and websites. The centralisation of these collaborative tools under a single platform takes the complication out of site management.

Sharepoint allows users to express themselves and their ideas through countless familiar formats, including profiles, team sites, blogs, wikis and live-feeds. The dawn of social computing has arrived - communication and collaboration has never been easier.

Composites Search

No-code building blocks allow all users to create collaborative solutions in response to new business requirements; removing dependency on IT departments and empowering individuals.

Sharepoint's innovative search features include metadata driven refinement, relevancy ranked on user experience, personalised searches and contextual searches. Together they provide the ultimate intranet and people search, as well as a solid platform to create search-driven applications.

Benefits Of Sharepoint
  • A single collaboration platform to manage and access corporate information in databases, reports, and business applications
  • Flexible service options and skilled consultants available to create customized SharePoint solutions
  • Native tools and components for creating do-it-yourself business solutions
  • Built-in compliance measures
  • Familiar, easy to use interface
  • Seamless access from a variety of platforms and devices
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